Hyuna Gangnam Style


ICE CREAM" HYUNA - (Cover by Nylon Pink)

Nylon Pink: “ICE CREAM” HYUNA (Cover).


The all-girlk-pop band Nylon Pink is the newest group in the future along inside a string of bands that have defined the genre, that is quickly gathering popularity in the united states. This trend has created such groups as Hyuna famous, and Nylon Pink recently covered that band’s popular song, “Ice Cream” in the new YouTube video which is currently gaining a large number of hits. Korean pop, or k-pop, is not only going viral all over the net, however it is also creating new dances, like the highly popular gangam style dance which is being copied in other video posts on YouTube as well as other crack houses. Nylon Pink is now gaining popularity with new fans for their cover and in line with the reviews left around the post, their fame continues to go up.

It is sometimes complicated to express why is k-pop this kind of sensation. Perhaps it’s the trendy dance moves or the pretty singers, or perhaps the fact that pre-teen girls like seeing all-girl bands because it reminds them that it’s achievable to complete the same thing, one thing is made for sure-the Hyuna“Ice Cream” song happens to be rocketing this new band up of YouTube’s most watched list. The girls’ dressed and multicolored locks are certain to be a style that'll be copied by a lot of young people around America, as k-pop has recently influenced a brand new style among preteens. Within the video, the band will not copy the Hyunagangam style of dance, but they sing and play instruments instead, which allows the viewer to pay attention to the song’s cover and just how it is different from the first. It's more light and upbeat, probably because the band is wanting to focus on a new audience that's searching for music to bop to.


While Hyuna started the whole k-pop craze within the U.S. recently, it is obvious to see that other artists could keep it going. Their popular music video and songs canno doubt give birth with other covers since the year goes on. According to the comments on Pink Nylon’s video, this band is going to be someone to look out for in 2013, as much viewers actually preferred their cover of the song for the original. Effortlessly those hits as well as the numbers only climbing, it’s clear that k-pop and gangam style dancing is here now to keep, for now at least.